Eva Nedelkova

Co Founder

A creative hybrid between a ‘nature-loving-free-spirit’ and a ‘pretty-driven-women-in-business’. I believe that the most important role of technology is awakening of humanity. Being a hybrid by nature, my single mission is integrating these two ‘opposite’ worlds into sound business models with positive impact on people, society and environment.

Grown-up in consulting and banking, reborn in digitalital transformation, I have a front-line experience with what makes every change successful – people! Having a clear digitalization strategy in place, engaging everybody in it, finding the right talents and keeping them motivated, are the keys to make your business blooming in the age of tech revolution. Culture change doesn’t happen over-night but our results are tangible.

Strategy & management consultant – Program manager – Entrepreneur – Digital Leader – Coach.

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  • eva@digileaders.nl

Eva Nedelkova