Dianne Prins en Eva Nedelkova

How can one ‘click’ change your life?

We click between several hundred to several thousand times per day. While ‘clicks’ are some of the most useful tools in the digital space, they are even more powerful in human traffic. You know the feeling when you meet someone for the first time and you just ‘click’? Your eyes meet, you have the same energy and everything you say is right spot-on? Some of these encounters take just a couple of seconds, but some may change your life.

Once a click, always a click

A story of Dianne about how we met:

It was November 2014 and I was standing in the lift of a charming Amsterdam bank office. Thinking about my busy schedule ahead, a pretty, blonde woman joins me on the ride up. We smile, say ‘hi’ and go our separate ways. But not for long… I ran into her again in the company gym the very same evening and a couple of times afterwards. We didn’t speak much but we definitely had a ‘click’. 

Two years later, I was preparing for an interview. As all diligent candidates do, I googled my contact person for this project. And guess who she was, the woman from the lift – Eva Nedelkova! From this moment on, we not only knew each other’s names but took our ‘elevator click’ to a whole new level. The interview went well and we have started one of the best jobs we have ever had! Together with a great team of people, we had a vision to transform the typical culture of financial companies into an exciting digital space. Soon we found out that there was not much help out there when it comes to the specific subject of digital culture and leadership. So, we decided to do it ourselves! We developed a comprehensive ‘people strategy’ and a toolbox of creative actions to get things moving. It didn’t take too long before we started to notice that something was indeed changing. There was a whole different vibe of excitement about our digital future, drive to make ‘killer’ products for our customers, and a willpower to make a change.

And DigiLeaders was born

Seeing our ideas working, we realized that we could help so many more businesses with what we have just gone through and share our know-how. And so, the idea of DigiLeaders was born. Our mission is to help organizations in their digital and cultural transformation by putting people absolutely first. We do this by advising on strategy, culture, organizational structure, and by leadership that makes agile & innovation really work.

Click, click, click!

Our ‘click’ from the lift is still working: we have started DigiLeaders and continue spreading the passion for people and IT further. Just one week since the launch of our website, we have gotten in touch with so many of you and are exited about our future collaborations. Click, click, click! How can you use the power of a ‘click’ right now?

  • Do you have a great idea but are not sure what to do with it? Go out there and ‘click’ with people: connect, use your network, be authentic and clear about what value you want to create.
  • Do you have passion for tech and people? Does our mission ‘click’ with you? Get in touch with us, we can explore a new area of cooperation or an exciting project to work on together.
  • Is your organization in the middle of digital or culture transformation? Do you need some help with your strategy, organization, people or leadership? Just ‘click’ on our contacts and let us know what your ambition is. We would love to share and think about a solution for you.

Keep in touch, Dianne & Eva

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