The most exciting breakthrough of twenty-first century will not occur because of technology, but because of an expanding concept of what it means to be human.


Who We Are

We are people, we love people! We are on a mission to make the digital transformation human again.

Every major revolution in history has been driven by the advancement of humanity. Being at the frontier of technical revolution, business realise the importance of human side of the business even more. Organisations that put people first, have a tangible business advantage in the digital race. DigiLeadres want to be part of this movement and help organizations to go digital, while putting people and sustainability at the core. We offer a range of consulting services to guide you through the digital transformation. Check What We Do for more info or contact us to for cooperation.

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Culture happens.
It amplifies the ability
to do our best work.
And it helps to attract
amazing people.


DigiLeaders helps you with the People First mindset in the digital transformation of your organization, by:

  • Connecting your employees into (digital) developments through effective communication and workshops
  • Defining which HR tools best suit your organization to achieve a simple & friendly people experience
  • Advising you in designing your organization for a more agility environment and determining new roles
  • Helping you on the way to a future proof leadership
  • Determining the desired digital culture for your organization


DigiLeaders helps you with the People First mindset in your organization, by

  • Determining the coolest employee journey suited to your brand
  • Defining a ‘digital’ culture
  • Developing a great Talent Attraction program
  • Implementing initiatives as onboarding, learnings, (fun) events, way of working, leadership, etc



Transparent & committed leadership creates a culture in which employees are empowered and deliver the best results for your organization.

We create future-minded leaders. DigiLeaders helps you:

  • Determine leadership profile
  • Organize and facilitate leadership days
  • Change culture by action



DigiLeaders helps you to make the talents also your future talents:

  • Creating a continuous learning mindset
  • Workshops on (digital) skills
  • Learning bites: sharing knowledge and learning in a practical and fun way
  • Introducing innovation methods such as design thinking and the innovation loop

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